Over the last two years our organisation has grown to be one of the largest private fleet groups in Queensland. This growth has been possible due to the working partnership we have developed with Minecorp.

During this period the product development that Minecorp has undertaken in terms of the internal and external roll over vehicle protection systems “Minecorp Safety Cell”, has certainly enabled our company┬áto meet the challenges of operating over 700 vehicles in remote and minesite locations.

Due to our fleet operating in remote locations, reliability and durability are the upmost key attributes to our customer base. As the fifth largest Caterpillar63 dealership in the world our company recognizes the importance of quality, value, and after sales service and support – all important to our business and factors which are paramount with Minecorp services.

On behalf of our organisation I can attest to the Minecorp product range and service which are suitable for any large or small fleet operator.

Andrew Brooker, Hastings Deering