When carrying loads, your vehicle can become dangerous and illegal if it breaches the allocated Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) set by the manufacturer. Governed by Australian Design Rules (ADRs), if you exceed your GVM you may not be allowed on site, void your insurance conditions and make your vehicle unsafe.

The installation of items such as service boxes, additional seats and roll over protection devices may result in a substantial change in a vehicle’s tare mass and may significantly affect its load carrying capacity. The specified GVM is the maximum that your vehicle can weigh when it is fully loaded.

Minecorp provides GVM upgrades to increase load capacity. The Minecorp GVM upgrade is tested, complies with ADR’s and the vehicle manufacturer’s maximum axle weights to keep your vehicle safe and reliable under load.



  • Leaf springs

  • Coil springs

  • Torsion bars

  • Shock absorbers

  • Steering strabilisers

  • Greasable shackles

  • Brushes & hardware


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