The Minecorps tub storage shelving system range consists of different configurations, with additional shelves available to order separately. The robust aluminium construction gives essential rigidity and ensures all items are safely stored within the storage tubs. Custom configurations are available (MOQ of 10+ applies).


  • Available in multiple configurations
  • Two main systems options: Wide Aperture or Short Aperture
  • Each Storage System includes the matching number of 25L HD Storage Tubs to suit the number of apertures
  • Aluminium construction
  • Inner shelves adjustable, but will limit use of storage tubs
  • Easy mounting/installation
  • Open shelving on top level
  • Lockable door and extra shelving options are available for ordering separately
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Each main system has options for
    • 2 High 3 Across with Half depth shelf on top
    • 3 High 2 Across


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