When you choose Minecorp as your fleet fit-out specialists, you reap the benefits of years of experience that have taught us what clients really need when it comes to fleet vehicles. We offer exceptional customer-driven solutions with in-house design and manufacture of accessories and components. Our purpose-built, compliant fleet vehicle modifications are superior because we like to do things a little differently from other providers.

This is what makes Minecorp an industry leader. We offer:

  • A single source solution for light vehicle modification for all fleet sizes and vehicle types, reducing time and hassle.
  • Risk management through expert advice ensuring you comply with your industry best practice and legislative requirements, ultimately minimising your liability risk.
  • A focus on your bottom line, working with you to ensure that total cost of ownership goes beyond the balance sheet through quality components and lower maintenance costs.
  • Know-how that will save you money such as employing a port diversion process and utilising central hub assembly.
  • A flexible work approach that takes into account the changing demands of your industry, shuffling our production timeframes where we can to accommodate your needs.
  • A long term outlook and collaborative approach, working with our client, FMO (financier) and motor dealers to ensure mutually viable outcomes.
  • National and international branches with an extensive warehousing and distribution network allowing for consistent and reliable turn-around.
  • State-of-the-art large capacity manufacturing and fit-out facilities providing you with consistent delivery.
  • A research and development ‘Centre of Excellence’ including a dynamic testing centre to ensure proven in-the-field solutions.
  • ISO certification 9001 (quality) and 45001 (safety) ensuring systems are in place to deliver quality outcomes every time, while ensuring the health and safety of Minecorp staff, contractors, clients and visitors is maintained.
  • Fleet decommissioning & recommissioning services reducing total cost of ownership by ensuring maximum vehicle life through re-specification or preparation for sale.

The expert team at Minecorp are your fleet fit-out specialists. We know what really matters to vehicle managers and deliver superior products and exceptional service every time. Contact Minecorp today.

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