The Right Solution – The Right Result

The Minecorp Vision is…

“To be the partner of choice delivering the right solution and the right result across fleet vehicle modification, vehicle accessory and specialised
manufacturing sectors”

People First Culture

Whenever our company welcomes a new employee on board, we do so with the intention of forming a rewarding and long-term working relationship.  We value the contribution of every person in the company and believe we can offer a workplace you can take pride in. We are living in a world that is increasingly more competitive with clients who are demanding ever-higher standards of excellence. Minecorp is proud to have a hardworking, cohesive team of people and is committed to providing an environment where all team members can have a sense of pride. Our key focus is quality and we love seeing a job well done.

We recognise that the disciplines of quality, health, safety and environmental management are an integral part of how we do business, further to this we are a values-based organisation. Our culture is unique and continues to develop as our business matures. Within the business we all work together as “One Team”, our team spirit comes through because we enjoy being successful and providing quality services and products to our clients.

Our Key Values

At Minecorp we strive to develop a culture that supports a friendly and productive workplace environment.

  • Value our most important Asset, People;
  • To encourage team work on all levels;
  • To lead, coach and mentor, instead of direct; and
  • To say thank you in an appropriate and rewarding manner.

By doing this we aim to establish a workplace culture where:

  • Continuous Improvement is part of how we do things;
  • Performance Management drives our results; and
  • Employees are empowered to take ownership and contribute to how we do things.