Minecorp is proud to be part of the RMA Group of Companies, a global supplier of automotive components and modification. The RMA Automotive Group division is a world leader in design, manufacture and installation of light and heavy duty vehicles, purpose-built modified vehicles and fleet solutions. Over 25 years in the industry they’ve supplied more than 45,000 vehicles to a diverse global customer base including major mining sites, NGOs, the US government and corporate clients.

Based in Thailand, RMA Group has revenues in excess of USD$1billion and employs more than 4,500 people in over 70 countries. Minecorp is the only Australian automotive business to join RMA Group, putting it at the cutting edge of worldwide innovations and industry trends. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of modified vehicles, RMA Group offers Minecorp the benefit of exciting new routes to global markets, providing opportunities for us to move ahead as a successful enterprise. This also brings advantages for our clients in terms of vehicle consistency across international operations and global access to the latest technological advances and fleet vehicle solutions.


RMA Group has an enduring, successful relationship with Australian business, having spent many years tapping into the Australian know-how around fields like mining and primary industries.   Many of RMA’s senior executives are Australian and RMA Group sources a large number of products from Australian manufacturers. Minecorp has long been at the top of RMA’s list for delivery of outstanding automotive components. As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of fleet applications, Minecorp now sits comfortably within RMA’s Automotive division, creating a mutually beneficial business environment and the highest possible standards of expert industry knowledge and client driven service delivery.

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