We partner with you to extend your product offering in conjunction with OEM vehicles. We enjoy partnering with OEM dealers and FMO/Leasing companies to provide cost-effective vehicle modification solutions where port diversion can be used to fit-out vehicle prior to dealership receipt.

We work with dealers to provide fit-for-purpose solutions for every commercial fit-out from an economical tray to a full mine site specification and everything in between.

We work with hire and leasing companies to lower your total cost of ownership and extend the life of vehicle prior to renewal. We’ll assist you through quality fit-out to get your vehicle to stay looing good for longer and provide you better rental turn-over. Reliability and consistency in your hire/lease fleet is key, so we can replicate for you a specific build, provide ongoing part support and a national warranty network.   We can also assist with decommissioning and refurbishment in preparation for re-sale.

CALL 1300 922 881 or email sales@minecorp.com.au to discuss your total vehicle requirement.