From 10 vehicles to 10,000, from dirt road to urban street, Australian fleet managers trust Minecorp for safe, reliable, all in one fleet modification.

Fleet Fit-out

Streamlined Vehicle Modification

Seamless fleet vehicle fit-out makes your job simple, removing the hassle and stress of coordinating multiple suppliers and the risk of poorly designed non-compliant vehicles.   Choosing Minecorp as your light vehicle fit-out specialist provides you with a single source end-to-end service and delivers superior driveability, compliance, safety, uniformity and long term durability.

Ford Ranger twin service box with lockable middle storageYou can utilise our unique M-PASS program, a simple streamlined single part numbering system for re-ordering and replacing parts and duplicating specifications.   Your M-PASS provides you with knowledge, choice and a no-fuss experience from order to delivery ensuring the right level of compliance, safety and fleet uniformity.

Innovative Fleet Solutions For Your Industry

Holden Colorado single cab trayOur state of the art, large capacity facility means we can offer custom solutions for any sized fleet. We know that no two businesses are alike, so we invest in R&D and technology to ensure we deliver innovative and functional solutions that get your job done better. Our dynamic testing centre ensures optimum performance out on the road. From mining to military, construction to trades, we’ll develop the ideal solution to meet your challenges.  We’re the leader in fleet vehicle modification, so you can be the leader in your field too.

Managing Your Compliance & Safety Risk

Tray for Mazda BT50As leaders in compliance and safety we take care of risk management and payload specifications.  Our fully integrated fit-out solutions strike the balance between weight and durability and we can show you ways to increase your payload, balance your load and comply. We know all the legislative requirements that affect fleet managers and deliver fully compliant vehicles.  Rest assured, your business and your workers are in expert hands. We don’t just meet the standards in safety compliance; we research, improve and create industry leading safety innovations.

Saving Time, Hassle & Long Term Costs

Ford Ranger Tray Fitout - Mine SpecWe know that every day your fleet is off the road it’s costing you money so we’ve streamlined the fit out process without compromising on safety or quality. We understand client challenges and know deadlines change, so we offer flexibility and understanding.  We know that a high quality modification saves your crew time, keeps your maintenance costs down and resale values high.  Most of all, we know that you’re investing your trust in us, and we’re proud to exceed your expectations, every time.

Your fleet modification will be handled exclusively by our team of professional industrial designers and fitters, in one cutting edge facility delivering quality workmanship and speedy delivery. The results are simply better.

Minecorp is the single source solution for your fleet vehicle modification needs. For safe, sturdy, compliant fleet vehicles, contact Minecorp today.