Decal (GVM)

Fleet vehicle owners and operators are exposed to legal and operator safety risks when a vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and Allowable Payload capacity is exceeded. read more……

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Decal (Advisory)

Mine site compliance requires each company vehicle to be equipped with advisory decals. Every vehicle should include first aid kit, fire extinguisher, tow point, diesel only, no smoking, seat belts must be worn, diesel left, diesel right and height of…

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Decal (Company Logo Application)

Minecorp provides your vehicle with a company logo application wherever the logo is required. Minecorp also offer a complete decal and vehicle branding service if required.…

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Reflective Tape

Reflective tape hi vis

Reflective tape is an essential component of work site safety. Minecorp uses Class 1 high visibility, durable edge sealed tapes manufactured in yellow, green, orange, white and red. At installation, Minecorp edge seals all trimmed edges to prevent it peeling…

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