Electrical Accessories

Holden Colorado 2012+ & 2017+ 3 Switch Panel

The Holden Colorado switch mounting panel is capable of accommodating up to 3 switches and can be neatly mounted in to the dashboard, replacing the OE panel. The installation process is simple as it requires no cutting or drilling, it…

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Ford PX Ranger Switch Mounting System

The Ford PX Ranger switch mounting bracket is capable of accommodating up to 4 switches and can be neatly mounted on to the dashboard. The installation process is very straightforward and a powder coated finishing ensures strength, durability and furthermore,…

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Dual Battery Management Systems

Minecorp’s Dual Battery & Isolator Management Systems have been designed to ensure you have power for work equipment when you need to get the job done. With many vehicles now having restricted space under the bonnet, the second battery is…

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Lights & Lights On Kit

Work Lights (Pair, Mounted)

Minecorp’s new LED work light is the solution for operating at night or in low light levels. This engineered LED light has low power consumption but high light output. The metalised free form reflector and high output LEDs provide a…

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Minecorp Driving Lights

The Minecorp driving lights provide illumination for safe vehicle operation at night, increase in driver visibility which helps driver reaction times, decreases driver fatigue and improves occupant safety. The lights allow the vehicle to become more noticeable, exhibiting information about…

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Beacon Class 1 Amber Rotator

To improve the safety and visibility of your vehicle when operating in all conditions, especially low light and at night, it is essential to have a class one amber rotator light fitted. Minecorp offers a range of vehicle fitment options.  …

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Isolation & Jump Start

Start Isolation

Starter motor isolation provides a hard lockable switch that isolates power to the vehicle’s starter motor, effectively stopping the vehicle from being able to be started. This mode of isolation prevents other users driving the vehicle when the starter motor…

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Battery Isolation

Battery Isolation provides a hard lockable switch that isolates power to the entire vehicle. This quickly & effectively stops the vehicle from being able to be started. This mode of isolation prevents other users switching on auxiliary systems and components…

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Dual Isolation

Dual isolation provides hard lockable switches isolating power to the vehicle’s starter motor and battery. This mode of isolation allows users greater flexibility in the work environment by effectively locking out the entire vehicle, or isolating the starter motor while…

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Ford PX Ranger 2015+ Phone Cradle Mount

Minecorp’s new phone cradle mounting bracket system has been designed to allow mounting of the latest in phone cradle technology from Bury. Specifically designed for use in the all new face lift PX Ranger. This system mounts to the A-Pillar…

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Toyota Hilux 2015+ UHF Mic Handset Mount

UHF and VHF radios are ubiquitous in vehicles today, desired for both commercial and recreational applications. Unfortunately this more often than not results in irreparable damage to the dashboard and a handset mounted in a location that’s difficult to access…

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VHF Radio and Aerial

Minecorp’s radio and aerial allows access to several communication services in the VHF frequency range. The VHF commercial radio is capable of operating over 136-174 MHz at up to 50W. The radio can operate with analogue and digital systems for…

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