Are Your Vehicles Overweight?

Fleet vehicle owners and operators are exposed to legal and operator safety risks when a vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and Allowable Payload capacity is exceeded. This is due to a range of factors, including the net modification weight of the vehicle build (i.e. added bull bars, trays, tool boxes etc). It is the responsibility of vehicle owners and operators to enforce compliance and educate drivers about the risks of overloading a light vehicle.


Minecorp can assist you with innovative payload solutions to reduce your risks including heavy duty aluminium trays with aluminium sides that can be up to 120kg lighter than a steel tray. Another example is light weight aluminium under body protection and service boxes which can be considerably lighter than traditional offerings increasing available payload capacity.

Weights Explained.

Making matters complex is the confusion about the varied weight requirements. Here are just a few different weights that an owner or operator would need to manage:

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)
Maximum allowable loaded weight of the vehicle as specified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This can be increased by installing a GVM upgraded suspension system.

Tare OEM Weight
Weight of the vehicle as manufactured by the OEM, unoccupied, unmodified and unloaded, all fluid filled except fuel which is generally at 10L

Tare KMAM (Kerb Mass after Modification)
The Gross weight of the vehicle after Modification, unoccupied, with all fluid including fuel full and all permanently fitted OEM and aftermarket accessories. KMAM does not include occupants.

Allowable Payload
The difference between Kerb Mass after Modification and GVM. Payload consists of All occupants Cargo and trailer ball weight.

There are also other weight considerations that need to be measured and managed such as individual axle loads, sprung and unsprung weights, front and rear bias and ADR & real world occupant weights (68kg per person).

The installation of items such as additional seats and service boxes may result in a substantial change in a vehicle’s tare mass and may significantly affect its load carrying capacity, hence breaching the laden mass limit rule under the National code of Practice (NCOP).

Want more information? We can provide you with options to reduce payload and provide you with the knowledge you need to minimise your operator and compliance risk.

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