Health and Safety Policy – 6 February 2019

Minecorp Australia designs, manufactures and installs automotive modification solutions for all commercial fleets. We focus on innovative, compliant, safe and fit-for-purpose build specifications focussing on client specific end-use requirements.

In delivering these solutions to our clients, Minecorp Australia is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, visitors and members of the public.

To fulfil our commitment Minecorp Australia will:

  • Identify, assess and implement controls to minimise risks and ensure a safe place to work and visit;
  • Use the risk based approach to develop and continually improve work practices;
  • Develop, document, maintain and communicate safety policies and procedures to Minecorp Australia workers and visitors;
  • Promote a safety culture that encourages active participation, consultation and cooperation with all workers in ensuring and improving health and safety at work;
  • Provide adequate health and safety information, instruction, training and supervision to workers and visitors, as applicable;
  • Identify and comply with applicable health and safety legislation;
  • Promote active Return To Work and Injury Prevention programs;
  • Maintain a program to ensure incidents and hazards are reported as soon as practicable, and are investigated, and appropriate corrective actions are put in place;Conduct measuring, monitoring and review activities to ensure that risk controls are being implemented effectively;
  • Communicate health and safety performance to relevant stakeholders; and
  • Set measurable objectives and targets for improving safety outcomes.

All workers at Minecorp Australia have the responsibility to:

  • Work in a safe manner and not knowingly put themselves or others at risk of harm by either act or omission;
  • Promptly report and rectify (as practicable) any unsafe conditions that come to their attention; and
  • Participate in training and follow all safe work practices, procedures, instructions and rules that have been communicated.

Download our Health and Safety Policy here