Engineering Excellence

Quality Approach: Proactive Systematic Rigorous

What our competitors call specialised, we call standard. We aim to exceed our client’s aims and expectations every time, from the quality of our vehicle solutions to our commitment to exceptional service. All internal processes maintain and improve upon our ISO 9001 accreditation. Our understanding of good business practice is based on a disciplined approach to quality, health and safety and environmental management. Our continued growth and client loyalty is proof that we’re getting it right.

Well Designed: Our products are innovative, and it shows

At the end of the day, fit-for-purpose solutions not only make life easier, they produce quality outcomes. Our build solutions and products are designed to last the distance, which means lower overall cost of ownership. We also understand the importance of a well presented vehicle and strive to ensure our products play a part in that. We’re always looking for ways to improve our product; that’s why we invest so much in R&D. A Minecorp vehicle ticks all the boxes for safety and compliance, as well as positively linking your company name to an impressive looking, well-organised fleet.

Industry Focussed: In the know

We pride ourselves on being more than suppliers of automotive parts: we are industry insiders. We remain at the leading edge by being members of industry associations and advisory forums, continuously scanning for legislative changes, and staying informed about industry trends and economic conditions. We are often the go-to information source for clients and dealers when they want to find out how industry changes will affect their modifications. We help our clients determine the definition of ‘fit-for-purpose’ on a changing, case by case basis, assisting with specification guidelines and setting modification parameters at the front end of any project.

Full Service Project Management

A single source solution for specialized equipment and component manufacture, from concept to fabrication, coating to packaging and delivery.

Surface coating
Labeling and packaging Spare parts

Client Focused: Listen Respond Deliver

Understanding your needs and the industry context you operate in is our primary focus. We tailor specifications to meet client and industry requirements and work flexibly to deliver premium outcomes within the agreed time frame and budget. We communicate closely throughout the project – and beyond.

We follow up every client experience to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of both product development and service delivery. We believe after-sales service is just as important as our initial consultations. We want to be your first choice for fleet vehicle modifications for as long as you need us.