Australian Staff:70+
Building Area:4,800m2
Components Produced pa:30,000+
Vehicles Modified pa:1,200+

A single source solution for specialized equipment and component manufacturing, from concept to fabrication to coating to packaging and delivery.

State-of-the-art large capacity manufacturing and fit-out facilities providing you with consistent delivery.

• Large inventory of raw materials

• Auto feed CNC Laser cutting

• CNC bending

• CNC Tube bending

A research and development ‘Centre of Excellence’ including a dynamic testing centre to ensure proven in-the-field solutions.

Know-how that will save you money manufacturing and application experts in house to improve design and efficiencies during each process.

Risk management through expert advice ensuring you comply with your industry best practice and legislative requirements.

A focus on your bottom line, working with you to ensure that total cost of ownership goes beyond the balance sheet through quality components and lower maintenance costs.

A flexible work approach that takes into account the changing demands the defence industry, shuffling our production timeframes where we can to accommodate your needs.

ISO certification 9001 (quality) and 45001 (safety) ensuring systems are in place to deliver quality outcomes every time, while ensuring the health and safety of Minecorp staff, contractors, clients and visitors is maintained.

Working with Australian Industry as an active member of AIDN, we collaborate with and promote a range of sub suppliers in the Australian Defence industry

A proud employer of a number of veterans and a participant in the federal veterans employment scheme


We passionately invest resources and energy into innovative design and engineering. We don’t just comply with basic requirements, we set new industry standards, always working to improve our products and anticipate the changing needs of our clients. We have a team of highly skilled industrial designers and engineers whose training and experience ensures consistently high quality products. By working closely with our clients, and manufacturing in-house, we can tailor each solution to your unique operational situation.

  • Applying best practice development procedures
  • Wealth of experience across a diverse team of skilled designers, engineers and fabricators
  • Utilising full 3D cad design process’s linked to high quality in-house CNC machinery
  • Capital investment in resources, systems and equipment to support customer requirements

Our R&D and manufacturing ‘Centre of Excellence’ puts all products through a rigorous design, development and validation process. We use 3D design software, computer aided manufacturing, and finite element analysis to ensure all our products have a fast turnaround, without compromising on our exceptional quality.

Our team has extensive compliance experience, with in-house dynamic testing and independent third party verification. We evaluate materials, components and assemblies to replicate real life failure, so you won’t experience costly or dangerous malfunctions on the road. This quality assured approach to manufacturing allows for continuous benchmarking and product improvement, delivering great value and crucial peace of mind for our clients.


Minecorp Australia designs, manufactures and assembles mechanical solutions for many demanding applications. We focus on innovative, compliant and fit-for purpose build specifications focusing on client specific end use requirements and operating environments.

Our Policy at Minecorp Australia is to understand our customers’ needs and to meet those needs by building systems and implementing procedures to ensure our Quality commitment to our customers is achieved at all stages of product delivery.

In delivering these solutions to our clients, Minecorp Australia is committed to providing and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions, practices, procedures and systems for all employees and third parties associated with our product and services.