Wheel Chocks are a requirement within many builds, however these can be difficult to mount within a tub body. This generally requires drilling and nutserting or screwing into the tub, a time consuming process leaving permanent damage.

Fortunately, Minecorp has designed a solution without compromise to allow the rapid, damage free fitting of Minecorp Wheel Chock and Mounting Bracket Kits (M63000018). Made from tough yet light weight 2mm stainless steel, Minecorp’s tub body wheel chock mounting adaptor sees the wheel chock bracket mounted in the passenger side rear corner of the tub, using the factory threads of the tie down points.


  • Allows quick, trouble free mounting to a tub body
  • Simple, unobtrusive, damage free installation
  • All required fasteners OEM or included
  • 302 Stainless Steel for an aesthetically pleasing finish with excellent surface protection
  • Easy access to wheel chocks when mounted
  • Fitting instructions included

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