When working off site or in the heat of the Australian sun, having a fridge on board your work vehicle is a great way to keep cool and your energy levels up. However it’s vital the fridge is securely stored on the vehicle and it can be safely accessed. MSA’s Refrigerator Slide provides a secure platform to a fridge and a seamless, easy operating sliding mechanism for quick and convenient accessibility. Minecorp’s Refrigerator Slide Mount to suit Service Boxes has been manufactured with galvanised steel and designed for maximum strength and durability is a must for remote travelling vehicles; those who are off site often and for long periods of time.

Note: Minecorp recommends the use of a dual battery system when operating portable fridges to ensure the main battery isn’t drained so the vehicle can start without hassle. It is designed as an option for the 2500 Series Service Box, and suits 700L x 430W size fridge. ARB 47L fridge/freezer Engel and Waeco fridge/freezer variants are also compatible.


  • Dual locking heavy duty slides allow fridge to be retracted and stay locked in place even when on uneven terrain
  • Large surface area allows for large range of fridges including ARB, Engel, Evakool, Ironman, National and Waeco
  • Heavy duty Galvanised Steel construction
  • Includes 4 x Metal Cam Buckle Straps and tie down locations to secure fridges for transportation

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