Minecorp’s Dual Battery & Isolator Management Systems have been designed to ensure you have power for work equipment when you need to get the job done. With many vehicles now having restricted space under the bonnet, the second battery is securely housed in Minecorp’s under tray/canopy toolbox. The sealing of the underbody toolbox and cooler conditions provide the perfect operating environment for the battery system.

A second battery can provide power for a multitude of working equipment and vehicle accessories, such as work lights and power draining items like a fridge. The DC/DC charger provided ensures smart charger management.

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  • 20 / 25 AMP DC/DC microprocessor system
  • Includes 1000W Redarc inverter system (T80000013, M67000319 & M67000324 Only)
  • Includes 105 Ah sealed AGM battery
  • 11.8V low voltage cut off, jump start receptical to connect vehicle to aux, battery (including CIG, Merit & USB power outlets)
  • Designed to charge batteries to 100%, regardless of the type or size of the battery
  • Able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge in the auxiliary battery at all times
  • Complete wiring harness and fitting kit supplied
  • Compact in size, easy to install and is fully sealed making it suitable for installation in harsh environments or marine applications


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