Quality, Safety and Environmental Policy – 30 January 2023

Minecorp Australia designs, manufactures and installs automotive modification solutions for all
commercial fleets. We focus on innovative, compliance and fit-for purpose build specifications
focussing on client specific end use requirements and operating environments.

Our Policy at Minecorp Australia is to understand our customers’ needs and to meet those needs by
building systems and implementing procedures to ensure our Quality commitment to our customers is
achieved at all stages of product delivery.

In delivering these solutions to our clients, Minecorp Australia is committed to providing and
maintaining healthy and safe working conditions, practices, procedures and systems for all employees
and third parties associated with our product and services.

In order to deliver on this Commitment, Minecorp will:

  • Demonstrate leadership and commitment through all managers and employees;
  • Create a QSE focussed and compliant culture at all levels of the company through initial and
    ongoing education and training of staff, employees, contractors and sub-contractors;
  • Maintain transparent and trusting relationships with our suppliers, Clients and interested parties;
  • Involve representatives of our business in the management of QSE requirements through
    consultation, thus providing them with the opportunity to contribute to positive QSE outcomes;
  • Provide free mental health services to our employees via a contracted EAP Service;
  • As a minimum, comply with any applicable Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental statutory
  • Ensure all practical steps are taken to eliminate QSE failures through risk management,
    implementation of control measures, and the ongoing monitoring and review of work practices and
    procedures to identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Ensure all incidents and non-conformances are reported and recorded and root causes identified to
    ensure corrective actions can be implemented to ensure continuous improvement to QSE outcomes;
  • Review and analyse relevant data and information to make informed decisions relating to QSE
  • Implement the principles of continuous improvement by setting QSE objectives each year as part of
    the planning process, communicate the QSE objectives to interested parties, and conduct periodic
    reviews of progress towards these objectives; and
  • Allocate the necessary human and financial resources to meet the commitments of this Policy.

Download our Quality Policy here
Download our ISO 9001 certificate here