The long anticipated Minecorp EnduroCo 4WD conversion for the 300 series Hiace / Commuter has arrived!
Featuring a full time 4×4 system offering high and low range selection, with electronic transfer case and electronic centre diff lock operated by OEM style dash mount switches.
The Minecorp EnduroCo 4WD conversion’s independent front suspension incorporates new heavy-duty steer knuckles, upgraded lower control arms and uprated front coil springs. With modified rear suspension that includes all new heavy-duty leaf springs and uprated shock absorbers, the EnduroCo 4WD converted Hiace / Commuter achieves 150mm of lift over factory standard – providing the necessary ground clearance to navigate difficult and rough terrain.

Having successfully passed all testing, the Minecorp EnduroCo 300 series 4WD conversion is approved for Secondary Stage Manufacture, making it federally compliant.

The Minecorp EnduroCo 4WD conversion of the 300 series Hiace / Commuter: Designed, developed and tested to deliver passenger safety, reliability and comfort.
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