The crow bar holder safely holds the crow bar to prevent injury or damage in the event of a vehicle incident. The crow bar holder is made from HA520 mild steel with an internal 6mm steel plate to restrain the crow bar head from moving out of reach when placed in the holder. It has an 8mm heavy duty gravity driven end cap to safely keep the crow bar inside. There are two lengths available, 1650mm and 1800mm to suit long length or side mounting positions. Simple brackets make for an easy adjustable installation suiting under tray vehicle installations.


  • Swing cap design which automatically latches to keep the crowbar secure within the holder
  • Two different lengths of holder allow for alternative mounting directions
  • Heavy duty 8mm steel end cap
  • 6mm thick internal plate restrains the crowbar head and stops movement
  • Zinced primed and powdercoated silver

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