When carrying long loads of materials it can be awkward for a vehicle to carry safely. The easiest way to carry long lengths is with the use of a ladder rack in conjunction with your Minecorp trays head board, which gains greater use of tray space for a complete storage solution. The universal design of the Minecorp Ladder Rack is compatible with all Minecorp steel and aluminium trays with head boards. They are manufactured from steel for strength and durability and are zinc plated for high corrosion resistance. Integrated fold down load tie down point to each side of the rack gives easy safe load restraint.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for the loading of the vehicle to ensure safe operation. Loads protruding more than 1.2m from a light vehicle require a 0.45 x 0.45m red, red and yellow or yellow flag at the complete rear of the load for day time use or for night the display a red warning light that is visible from at least 200m away, or at least two red reflectors capable of reflecting from the headlights of a following vehicle.



  • Can be used with all Minecorp trays with head board
  • Removable to suit multiple tray load requirements
  • 75KG total Maximum recommended carrying capacity
  • Strong steel, zinc plated for high corrosion protection
  • Integrated fold down tie down points included
  • Can be cut down to suit tray head board heights
  • Fitting kit included

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