CEO of RMA Group comes to visit

Just recently, Minecorp was thrilled to welcome Kevin Whitcraft (Chief Executive Officer of RMA Group) to our headquarters in Brisbane. It proved to be a quick but highly productive visit where Kevin updated all Minecorp staff on the latest developments… Continue Reading

Minecorp in Business Review Australia & Mining Global

Minecorp is featured in this month’s edition of Business Review Australia. Read about our capabilities in fleet modification and how we are diversifying to service the entire fleet market. Read more… Read the full journal Business Review Australia Sept 2015.… Continue Reading

Load restraint study in the transport industry

A Workplace Health and Safety Queensland study has confirmed that over-centre type load tensioning devices (dogs) and extension (cheater) bars are a serious risk for workers in the transport industry. Dogs and cheater bars are widely used load restraint devices… Continue Reading

Load restraint safety – a case study

It is not recommended to use fixed or pivoting lever binders because they can cause serious injury when applying or releasing lashings. However, despite several major transport companies announcing that they will stop using them, the practice continues. One company… Continue Reading

Are you overweight?

We’re all used to seeing stories in the media about the importance of losing weight. But ‘weight loss’ takes on a whole new meaning if you work with fleet vehicles, where carrying too many kilos has become a significant legal… Continue Reading

Perfect Body

Check out our Editorial and Perfect Body Ad on P66 in the July Edition of Australian Mining Review.… Continue Reading